Our mission is to turn your photos into keepsakes that you, your family, and friends will cherish for a lifetime.

Our Story

The idea behind Fotorose was created nearly 20 years ago. We started selling Fotoroses at local craft fairs and trade shows. Our customers fell in love with our products and we received a tremendous amount of positive feedback.

We decided we needed to transition into the retail space. We partnered with a local marketing company in an effort to reach more customers. This endeavor allowed us to focus on weddings and corporate events, but we believe Fotorose has so much more potential! Our goal is to become the go-to gift for birthdays, graduations, school events, traditional holidays, and life celebrations.

The next phase of our evolution is in the e-commerce space. Customers are now able to complete orders online! Simply upload your photo(s) and we will do the rest. We try to process and ship most orders within 48 hours. If photos need a little more love and attention due to age, then our in-house graphic design team is here to help. Fotorose looks forward to helping you translate those fond memories into keepsakes that you can cherish forever!

I get so much joy helping people translate moments captured on film into unique, creative gifts they can give to family and friends.
Maggie McClary
Founder, Owner
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